GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE has adopted the GENERAL CONTRACT CONDITIONS FOR EUROPEAN FOUNDRIES (hereinafter GCCEF), which are available at the foot of this document.

The following also applies:

Cf. Section 2 GCCEF

The offer made by is only valid for the phases and processes in the proposal, and does not include customer regulations/standards with regard to anything explicitly outlined in the design, unless provided and clearly discussed and documented in writing by the customer in a separate meeting with the foundry.

Therefore the customer will be responsible for any shortcomings/issues/costs due to the above in terms of the proposal, processes, quality, etc.

Cf. Section 6 GCCEF

In the event of a delay, without prejudice to the full application of section 6 of the GCCEF, G.E.A. srl shall consider any urgent transport costs (e.g. by air) as a penalty (max 5% of contract value (taxes excluded) for parts delayed).

Any extra is the customer’s responsibility.

Cf. Section 2 GCCEF

Any statistical studies or checks, even if outlined in customer specifications/standards or included in the PPAP, are not included unless explicitly detailed in the proposal, and are the responsibility of the customer. G.E.A. srl follow the procedures on minimum inspections outlined in section 12.

Acceptance of the proposal via an order or any other method implies acceptance of the information written here and in the GCCEF, even if not signed by the customer.