Design, controls and tests

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G.E.A. Technical Department consists of a young, dynamic and highly qualified team in the context of the design, modeling and realization of any alloy obtainable through shell-gravity castings or die-castings.

Our main goal is to always guarantee a complete and timely service to our customers. With a consolidated experience of over 50 years and the use of the most advanced design and simulation software, we are able to provide customized solutions, assisting our customers in a process of analytical and productive co-design and offering the best solutions for the industrialization of their projects.

SolidWorks® Premium

A system that integrates perfectly effective design tools, including leading parties in the sector by parts, assembly and drawings by including simulation, cost estimate, rendering, animation and management of product data.

Thanks to innovative features, SolidWorks Premium allows us to perfectly perform the various phases of product creation (design, validation, collaboration, production) to ensure a more productive 3D design experience.

Industrial radioscopy by Gilardoni

The system allows to obtain very high quality images thanks to the use, as a acquisition system, of a digital panel, together with cutting -edge processing software and owner filters.

Among the non -destructive checks, industrial radioscopy is a method of investigation for the relief of internal defects that is based on the variation of attenuation that electromagnetic radiation undergo when they meet a defect in their path through the material.

Optical emission spectrometer Foundry Master Smart
Several standard tools for each type of dimensional verification

All equipment are coded and systematically calibrated as per the Quality Manual procedures G.E.A. // ISO 9001.