Responsibility in the use of resources

Reduce emissions for a sustainable production

As we want to combine quality, excellence and innovation in our castings, sustainability is fundamental for us.

In recent years, we concentrated more and more on the environmental and social impacts of our products and production processes.

The main challenges concern the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. To deal with these challenges, we buy raw materials from partners with sustainable policies and develop innovative solutions.

The main solutions to mitigate the environmental impacts of our products are:

  • The development of the patented lite flange, which reduces the environmental impact thanks to its lightened form.
  • The implementation of energy efficiency measures, such as photovoltaic systems and the purchase of energy from renewable sources.

Manufacturing plants entirely fueled by renewable energies

Gea is committed to a sustainable production, with manufacturing plants entirely powered by renewable energies and certified according to the ISO 14001: 2015 (TUV Nord) standard for environmental management.

This allows us to produce original aluminum castings, enhancing people and local economy, respecting the environment.

We want to best satisfy our customers, offering castings entirely made by G.E.A., guaranteeing reliability and sustainability in the Green Economy.

“Sustainability is the condition of a development model capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to achieve their own.”