Aluminium foundry

Production of Gravity Castings and Pressure Die-Castings

G.E.A. Srl is a foundry company specialized in providing aluminium castings using gravity casting and pressure die-casting suitable in various sectors of industry and commerce.

Over 2 millions

aluminium castings produced by year

Over 500

different models of flanges produced

Specialists in aluminum flanges

We manufacture aluminium castings for many industries: mechanical, electromechanical, oil-pneumatic, medical, automotive, measurers, nautical, aeronautical, cycle/motorcycle, appliance, food/agrarian, lighting, textile, interior, rail, building.

We are a certified company
Why choose aluminium flanges

Compared to other metals, aluminum flanges have the following characteristics:

Being less heavy (over30%) than steel, aluminium is more functional in installation, maintenance, loading, unloading, storage and transport costs.

In most cases the physical and chemical characteristics of aluminium allow the use of these flanges without any surface preservative treatement. Optionally you can cover the flanges with a  coat of epoxy paint.

The practical use of millions of GEA flanges over the years prove that our aluminum flanges provide an absolutely reliable hermetic joint.

Thermal conductivity at 20°C EN-47000 → 130 – 150 W/(mK).

The temperature of GEA aluminium flanges is always very lower than the one of the pipes because there is a rapid dispersion of the absorbed heat as the capacity of heat conduction of aluminium is 3 times better than carbon steel alloys and 6 times than stainless steels.