Sustainability is...

“The condition of a development model capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own.”

For GEA, sustainability starts first and foremost with the quality, excellence and passion that characterize our aluminum castings and that go hand in hand with continuous innovation and the development of new technologies and solutions.
In recent years, technological innovation has given way to a broader concept, which embodies the need to consider the environmental and social impacts associated with both our products and our production processes

Environmental sustainability: responsibility in the use of resources.

With regard to the environmental issue, the main challenges that GEA faces on a daily basis concern the use of materials and the reduction of energy consumption and, consequently, of GHG emissions.

As far as materials are concerned, we aim to combine reliability and quality with the search for materials produced by partners with sustainable policies, which is why - in our procurement logic - we tend to favor suppliers with a quality policy and a well-established and certified environmental management policy.

We are also exploring solutions to mitigate both the environmental impacts of the product through:

  • The development and promotion of our patented LITE model flange which, thanks to its lightened shape, allows to reduce the material used, that is, CO2 emissions and reduce the impact on both transport and those related to the process.
  • The implementation of efficiency measures and optimization of our plant, such as the new latest generation interconnected photovoltaic system of over 120 Kw and the purchase of the remaining amount of energy from other certified renewable sources.

Our factories are entirely powered by renewable energy!

In this sense, the ISO 14001: 2015 certification on environmental management systems, issued by the prestigious TUV Nord, represents the starting point towards an integrated management of the environmental impacts of all production processes.

The combination of all these elements allows us to produce original aluminum castings, enhancing people and the local economic fabric, respecting the environment that provides us with the resources to operate, with the ultimate goal of satisfying our customers as best as possible. they always remain at the center of our daily work.

Today, more than ever, it is important to stand out in the market, producing aluminum castings entirely made in GEA, confirming de facto the reliability and seriousness of our customers in sustainable supplies that are part of the green economy.

GEA, your Partner in Quality.