For over 40 years: passion and reliability

G.E.A. srl is a foundry company specialized in providing aluminium alloy products using gravity casting and die-casting suitable in various sectors of industry and commerce. The company is headquartered in Castelseprio (Va), near Milan, in an area with a long tradition in engineering  and metal industry. 

The company is in the market since 1975 and has recently acquired a historic company in the trade, Fonderia Fazzini srl.

Thanks to his high standards of quality, productivity and reliability, it has a primary position in the Italian and European market in the production of aluminium flanges: we are exclusive suppliers of leading companies in Europe. 

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the manifacturing and the stages of processing of our customers we are able to offer the highest quality for our products and our cutomized solutions. 

  • Our mission

    Cooperate with our customers in a collaborative partnership to meet their demands is our target. That is possible thanks to our competences and know how in the casting field.

  • Our vision

    Our targets in the immediate future are an enlargement of our company structure and of our technical and computer equipments. That’s to improve our work place, to optimize our resources and minimize the energy consumption with respect for the environment and our human resources. To make the best use of our modern technologies allows us to monitor our costs and improve the business processes and thus be more and more competitive.

  • Our philosophy

    To suit the dynamics of the market, looking for new solutions to obtain a product of high quality at minimum expenses. Always following the standards laid down by the main technical and legislative regulations.