Foundry experience since 1975

The company
in a nutshell

We have been working in the foundry field since 1975, operating in the gravity and die-casting sectors.

Our foundry is particularly specialized in the aluminium flanges production.


The constant renewal of our equipments, following the most updated technologies in the foundry sector, affords G.E.A. to grant the highest level of products and services.

Personalized solutions

We engage ourselves to meet our customer’s requirements, offering personalized advices in each production stage, from the planning to the delivery.


Our technicians support our customer in the product development, from the planning stage through the production process, to offer the highest quality level.

Handycraft passion

Our work is characterized by more than 40 years of passion and skill, together with the necessary flexibility required to rapidly satisfy our customers’ demands.

Specialists in aluminum flanges


Aluminium castings

Finishing and machining

Molds realization


Thermal treatments